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May 30, 2014

Melody in Wikwemikong, Canada

Pulkkinen's Class
Pontiac School
(Melody #045B0414)
Pontiac School welcomed Melody with open arms and many students were curious about our visitor. Melody visited us during the grade six provincial testing week. She worked diligently to finish her test. Her practice for the Whiz kids team helped her be successful and keep up her stamina. During her stay we also went on a field trip to South Bay. We were able to find local medicines on our nature hike (ginger and mountain ash) and we saw 1000 year old fencing posts that had been used by the First Peoples of the area to coral caribou during their hunts. Melody traveled to a student's home and had the opportunity to go visit a traditional healing lodge. At the lodge she sat by the sacred fire for ceremonies. Use the following website - - to find out more about our unique First Nations community.
We learned that it is important to be kind to everyone and include them in our activities. Learning the history and culture of a community can help people understand one another. Introducing Melody to the whole school through a morning announcement helped the school be aware of our visitor and started conversations among everyone. Through this we learned to focus on what people can do and not on what they can't do. We can make things possible.

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