Instructions for Melody's Travel Journal

Before Melody's visit with you ends, fill out the Travel Log Form, and upload a photo of her visit. You will need the unique code on the back of your Melody to complete this form. Your travel log entry will create a blog post on Melody’s Travel Journal, so be sure you only include information you wish others to view publicly. Use this opportunity to connect with other participants on the blog by adding your twitter handle, or blog/website URL to your travel journal post. You may also want to link to any historical sites Melody visited to help others learn about your area. You can fill out this form more than once.

May 30, 2014

Melody in Wikwemikong, Canada

Pulkkinen's Class
Pontiac School
(Melody #045B0414)
Pontiac School welcomed Melody with open arms and many students were curious about our visitor. Melody visited us during the grade six provincial testing week. She worked diligently to finish her test. Her practice for the Whiz kids team helped her be successful and keep up her stamina. During her stay we also went on a field trip to South Bay. We were able to find local medicines on our nature hike (ginger and mountain ash) and we saw 1000 year old fencing posts that had been used by the First Peoples of the area to coral caribou during their hunts. Melody traveled to a student's home and had the opportunity to go visit a traditional healing lodge. At the lodge she sat by the sacred fire for ceremonies. Use the following website - - to find out more about our unique First Nations community.
We learned that it is important to be kind to everyone and include them in our activities. Learning the history and culture of a community can help people understand one another. Introducing Melody to the whole school through a morning announcement helped the school be aware of our visitor and started conversations among everyone. Through this we learned to focus on what people can do and not on what they can't do. We can make things possible.

Melody in Byron, Minnesota

Mrs. Aslakson's Class
Byron Middle School
United States
Byron, Minnesota
(Melody #052B0414)
Melody came to school at the end of our school year so the schedules were a little different. Melody joined our language arts class in the morning. It was a fun day since the upcoming students from the elementary school were over visiting and meeting their new teachers. We had many classes stop by to visit our room.
We learned about how Melody would feel at our school. We do not have anyone currently in our school that uses a wheelchair, but we have had many students on crutches. Our school is quite accessible since it is all on one floor. There are no stairs in our building, unless you need to get to the extra old locker rooms. Our classroom would be very accessible, if everyone made sure to push in their chairs. We have tables in places of desks. We measured the doors to make sure they were wide enough. The cafeteria could be hard for Melody because the lunch line is very crowded and has lots of turns. The tables are attached to benches, so she would have to sit at the end of a table. She might get bumped into since it can get busy in the aisles.

May 29, 2014

Melody in McKinney, Texas

Connolly's Cray-Crays
Walker Elementary
United States
McKinney, Texas
(Melody #061B0414)
Melody is enjoying our last days of school with us! She has attended our End-of-the-Year Celebration practice, taken a walk out to our courtyard and danced in a conga line on a beautifully sunny day in Texas!
We felt as if we were visiting an old friend with Melody. She made a lot of new friends as she headed to the library with us, sat in the middle of our rug as we concluded her book and rolled around our courtyard studying the various states within our country on our oversized painted map! We LOVED time with Melody - We adore HER!

Melody in Stittsville, Canada

Mrs. Babb's Grade 5 Class
Holy Spirit Catholic School
(Melody #044B0414)
Visiting a Grade 5 Class and playing on the playground with the students.
That each student is equal and deserves to be treated fairly.

May 27, 2014

Melody in Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class
Maple Street School
United States
Hopkinton, New Hampshire
(Melody #055B0414)
Melody spent the week with us and had many adventures. She went to a lacrosse practice, read books, played games and learned all about the state of New Hampshire.
We learned all about the challenges Melody might face attending our school. We did our best to include Melody in all activities and we understand how hard it is to be left out of things.

May 26, 2014

Melody in Houston, Texas

Mac Bechtol
United States
Houston, Texas
(Melody #050B0414)
Melody visited St. John's School in Houston, Texas. She enjoyed the day with the 4th graders. She rode on our swing in the front yard. It is a Live Oak which is green year round in Houston.
I love feeling a connection to other places in the world. I learned more about people like Melody. I learned it is hard for them in a different way. I also learned that a book can be taken to the next level! This was a fun experience. I wish I had gotten Melody sooner. I didn't have much time because it took so long for her to arrive in Houston.

May 24, 2014

Melody in Ramsey, Minnesota

Miss Ronsberg's 6th Grade Class
PACT Charter School
United States
Ramsey, Minnesota
(Melody #052B0414)
We were able to take Melody out to the playground, on a field trip to Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN, and she even went to Portland, Oregon with one of the kids for the weekend.
The kids found it very interesting how inaccessible our spaces are, and how they never seemed to notice it before. It is so exciting to see the changes in their thought processes about including everyone and being aware of surroundings, thoughts, and words.

May 23, 2014

Melody in San Jose, California

Bagby Elementary
United States
San Jose, California
(Melody #024B0114)
CarWhi took Melody to Santa Cruz Saturday night. She writes: When we woke up Sunday morning (5/18), we had breakfast. Then my mom and my brother went home to go somewhere. My dad and I got ready to go paddle boarding. When we got to the beach, we took pictures, and got in the water. We taped Melody to the board, and got started. We paddled to the pier, and went under it. Under the pier, we saw starfish the size of my face, and many shellfish. When going under a pier, look for fishing lines, because you can hurt yourself by getting caught in them. Also, we went and saw the sea lions. One of them went under water, under my paddle board and came up behind me. Finally, we went back, and got ready to go the the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!
It was hard at first because we had to leave Melody on the sidewalk at first so that we could hide the car keys, and my shoes in the rocks. When we went back to get Melody, we put the camera in the car.

Melody in San Jose, California

United States
San Jose, California
(Melody #024B0114)
ScoSch Today, I talked with Alejandro, a 3rd grader at my school Like Melody, Alejandro has a motorized wheelchair which helps him get around. Mrs. McConnell, Melody, and I asked him some questions. Like… If he can go on to the playground? He said that he can get on because there is a ramp for him. He also plays on a baseball team! He said that he enjoys playing left field because there is more shade there! He gets to play in small group PE. In that PE they play volleyball, bocce ball, baseball, etc. After he hits the baseball, the other team has to wait until he drops the ball and then they have to move at the same speed Alejandro’s chair goes. He calls his wheelchair “my chair”. The only problem he has had here is that when he first got to Bagby he forgot what class he was in. His amazing chair can move up, down, and even reclines, it has blinkers, too! Alejandro has an aide to help him do things that are challenges for him. Some of the activities that the aide has to help him are... going to the bathroom, and putting his tray on his chair. His tray helps him write, eat, and it's a good place to rest his arm.
It was fun to get to know Alejandro better, and helped me understand what Melody would go through if she was a student at Bagby.

Melody in San Jose, California

United States
San Jose, California
(Melody #020B0114)
When I got to take Melody home for the weekend, I was so excited! Then I realized, what would I do with her? Mrs. McConnell had an amazing idea that I should take her surfing! I agreed that was a great idea. First, AFletch took her home to go to the Winchester Mystery house. On Saturday at about 2:30 in the afternoon, AFletch came to my house and dropped Melody off. Later, we went to Bagby to help paint the wall ball walls. Melody helped spray paint the words “be safe”. After she finished, we thought that she did so good, that we bought her a snow cone. Finally, we went home and got in the car to go to Santa Cruz.
Things took a little longer managing Melody's chair.

May 22, 2014

Melody in Apache Junction, Arizona

Ruiz's Class
Four Peaks Elementary
United States
Apache Junction, Arizona
(Melody #041B0414)
Nice sunny weather in the mid 90s to low 100s. She came to us at the end of the school year. She got to see a play we put on and all the fun festivities of the end of the year.
Melody learned about sequencing and why it is important during a play. She also learned that there many different things that can be done during summer in Arizona.

Melody in Willis, Texas

Mrs. McManus's Class 5th Grade
Parmley Elementary
United States
Willis, Texas
(Melody #012A1113)
Our school is handicapped accessible. So, Melody didn't have a problem getting around. We took her to all our classes and she got to see science projects and our "Pen Factory". We are making flower pens to raise money for cancer research. Melody went home with one of our students. He lives in the country and has horses. She had a sleepover.
All of our classmates had fun with Melody. We got to tell them about her story.

May 20, 2014

Melody in Columbus, Ohio

Mrs. Smith's Fourth Grade
Hilliard Horizon Elementary School
United States
Columbus, Ohio
(Melody #058B0414)
It was amazing to have Melody in our classroom. First of all, we made it HAPPY MELODY DAY! We celebrated by having her be our line leader and by creating a special display of words that describe her. She was able to visit our media center, playground and cafeteria. Students really enjoyed taking her to lunch!
We learned that our school is very accessible. It is a newer building with many features that allow for all to be included. The biggest concern that we came across is that as much as things are accessible, there just isn't a good variety of things for Melody to enjoy at recess. We wish we could design a better playground for her.

Melody in DeForest, Wisconsin

Mrs. Allen's Class
Yahara Elementary
United States
DeForest, Wisconsin
(Melody #063B0414)
Melody went to Phy Ed class with us today. We are roller blading and scootering, so we pushed her wheelchair.
It would not be easy to be in a wheelchair.

May 19, 2014

Melody in San Diego, California

Mr. Sterling's Class
Morning Creek Elementary
United States
San Diego, California
(Melody #043B0414)
Melody is experiencing some unique things with her visit to San Diego. She came to us just as we had an outbreak of wildfires, which led us to wonder how she would deal with this. Many of our students packed bags in the event of an evacuation, and we wondered what would be Melody's prized possessions that she would want to take with her in case of emergency? She was safe with a student during the firestorm, which caused us to have two days off of school.
Along with the abovementioned items about the fire, we realized that our campus isn't as accessible as it should be. Yes, Melody could get around, but not necessarily easily. She would need help in our classroom in its current configuration. We realized that we take so many things for granted!

Melody in Franklin, Louisiana

Miss Anna's 6th Grade Class
V. B. Glencoe Charter School
United States
Franklin, Louisiana
(Melody #051B0414)
Melody experienced what it's like to be in the sixth grade! Melody JUST missed going on a field trip with us to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, but she did get to experience some end of the year activities with us (like a crawfish boil)!
We discussed and wrote essays about what our lives would be like if we were in Melody's place. After a class discussion, we realized that our school is not completely ready for a child in a wheelchair, and that there are many things we would like to do to fix that. We learned that many things we LOVE to do would change for us, like drawing, playing football, or even just playing video games. We also talked about how we would try to change ourselves (as we are) if we had a classmate in Melody's condition, and how we would do our best to welcome her and make her feel like a valued student in our class.

May 16, 2014

Melody in San Jose, California

McMo @ Bagby
Bagby Elementary
United States
San Jose, California
(Melody #024B0114)
She just arrived and today she toured our campus and received an honorary Student of the Month award at our assembly.
So far we have learned that Melody found it easy to get around and a lot of students wanted to "meet" her. We posted at

Melody in Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Mrs. White's 4th Grade
Maple Street School
United States
Hopkinton, New Hampshire
(Melody #055B0414)
Melody arrived in Hopkinton, NH and we are so excited to have her as part of our classroom community. On Melody's first day we introduced her to our school and modified our classroom so that she would be included in all aspects of our day. Melody then went to Lacrosse practice with one of our students.
We are looking forward to our week with Melody!

May 14, 2014

Melody in St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. Robison's Class
Kratz Elmentary
United States
St. Louis, Missouri
(Melody #053B0414)
Melody is enjoying visiting with the second grade children in Mrs. Robison's Room. She is learning how to multiply numbers and write a friendly letter.
We learned that it is hard to get around if you are in a wheelchair. Melody was able to use the elevator when the class went to lunch and specials.

May 13, 2014

Melody in Hamilton, New York

Mrs. Smith's Second Grade
Hamilton Central School
United States
Hamilton, New York
(Melody #016B0114)
Melody spent time reading, writing, and doing math with second graders.
Melody reminds of us of our Flat Stanley visitors! We love learning with new friends!

May 11, 2014

Melody in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Mrs. Hardin's 6th Grade
The Mountain Community School
United States
Hendersonville, North Carolina
(Melody #024B0114)
Melody is attending classes with us including math, language arts, science, social studies and PE. She also went to lunch with us and went home with three different students.
We learned that it isn't easy for someone in a wheelchair to get around or participate in games at PE.

May 10, 2014

Melody in Greenville, South Carolina

Mrs. Gordon's 3rd grade
Christ Church Episcopal School
United States
Greenville, South Carolina
(Melody #028B0114)
Melody had a busy week with The Gordon's! It was standardized testing week, everybody's favorite! LOL Luckily, we also began rehearsals for our big production of "Salute to South Carolina", a play highlighting the best our state has to offer! We enjoyed including Melody in learning songs about our state and dances such as the twist, and our state dance, the shag. She also traveled with the class to all of our special classes, like art, music, pe, etc., and she went home with a student for the weekend. The students did an excellent job brainstorming ways to include her and altering our travel routes to accommodate her.
My class expanded on their understanding of empathy that began during our reading of "Out of My Mind" through the more hands-on activity of having Melody with us. I was impressed with their ability to articulate to other students and teachers what the project was about since we were the only class at my school to participate in GRA. They were also able to make connections with other books and personal experiences throughout this project.

May 9, 2014

Melody in Princeton, New Jersey

Ms. Vunk's class
Johnson Park
United States
Princeton, New Jersey
(Melody #010A1113)
Unfortunately...standardized testing! But we had fun working on Science and Social Studies projects as well. She loved that our school had no stairs, only ramps. She also enjoyed our new read-aloud Wings of Fire. She got to go to skating lessons and lacrosse games with a couple of our students. More photos to follow!
Although we were very welcoming and excited for her visit, we still learned to not take things for granted.

Melody in Dublin, Ohio

Dublin Scioto ELL
Dublin Scioto High School
United States
Dublin, Ohio
(Melody #012A1113)
May 9, 2014

Hello, world! Melody has spent the past week with ELL students in Dublin, Ohio! We read Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind this fall as part of the Global Read Aloud, and we all loved it! It is one of the best books we have ever read. We admire Melody’s strength and persistence, and we hope the book teaches people to be kinder to students with disabilities. We also think it reminds us not to judge people by how they look. While Melody stayed with us this week, we wrote this document collaboratively!

Who are we?
We are English Language Learners in grades 9-12 at Dublin Scioto High School! We come from all around the world. Everyone in our class speaks at least two languages. Here are just a few examples of the diversity of our class:
  • I am Medo, I came from Egypt, I have been in America 9 months. I came to the ELL, we are one family, sharing everything between us, when I came, everybody said you are welcome to the class.
  • Hi my name is Victor I’m from Dominican republic i have been in america for 2 and a half year.
  • Im Mahdi, im from Kuwait, i have been in U.S. for about 3 years. Im junior
  • Hi my name is Emma I am from Mexico I have been in the U.S. for like 10 year.
  • Hi my name is Yohei I’m from Japan I have been in the U.S for 5 month. I’m freshman.
  • Hi my name is Maria and I am from Mexico. I have lived in the U.S about 8 Years.
  • Hi! I’m Satsuki. I’ve been living here for 3 years. But I am going back to Japan in a month, right after graduation from Scioto High School.
  • Hi my name is Saki. I came from Japan. I have been in the America for 1 year.
  • Hi my name is vladimir I from Russia I have been live here in U.S about 8 years.

Our ELL class:
We are all students in Mrs. Mitchell’s ELL English classes!
  • our class ell is something take care of you and make you happy as possible as he could, always bring student from so a lot of country.
  • ELL is like you are in elementary school lol they help you with everything you need homework, tests, project, everything and they care about you as one of the family.
  • ELL class is one place it’s comfortable to stay.
  • ELL class is very helpful and comfortable to work especially with the help of the teachers.
Our school: Dublin Scioto High School
  • I think our school is the best school ever I had ever watch, it's something pretty cool, I never watch a school with a mix grade in class and that's never happen in my old school or another school
  • our school is one of the best schools :) because we have ELL and we teach student who are they (special need) and we have good player at sports ^^

How would Melody feel at our school?
  • she will feel happy because there will be a teacher take care of and make her feel normal, and there is going to be a mean students to her or somebody tell her something, get her sad or mad, because we do have one in our school but without Medi-Talker, so she will be happy. I am pretty sure
  • I think she would feel welcomed because everyone is very nice here and no one judges anyone.
  • She will feel very happy, because our school going to care of her
  • she will feel like any normal student since she want to, because we don’t have any different between normal and special needs student.
  • Melody makes us feel good she makes me feel like im someone important and we also treat her like a normal person it doesn’t matter if you have phyical problem or mental problems what matters is that we all don’t treat each other bad no one bullyes melody but theres one girl she’s mean and she hates melody because melody is smarter than her

Where is Dublin Scioto High School? (Hint: It’s not in Ireland!)
We live in Dublin, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus.
  • ohio is a very quiet state, the weather is confusing, but it's very cool Ohio has cool restaurant’s and, malls for shopping and park’s it's pretty cool to live here.
  • Ohio has cold winter. And ohio has lots of farm on the western part of ohio. Ohio has many different countries people.
  • Oho is one of the best state in the United States because we are a big fan of sports special football and baseball its really cool to live here there are a lot of animals here a bunch of birds and other cool animals. is really cold in ohio and there is a lot of snow too but on the summer is so hot like a furnace like the sun is right next to you thats why i like ohio but the bad thing is that ohio doesn’t have a beach.


Mrs. Mitchell’s ELL students
Twitter: @sciotoELL

May 7, 2014

Melody in Dillon, Colorado

Dillon Valley 4th Grade
Dillon Valley Elementary
United States
Dillon, Colorado
(Melody #035B0114)
We enjoyed reading about Melody and we were excited to get to know a student with special needs like Melody. We had so much fun with Melody here at DVE, and it made us think about all the challenges of being in a wheelchair in the mountains. It was easy to travel around the school with her because we have two ramps. The whole class made her feel welcome and Melody made many friends. At lunch she had people to sit with and met all the specials teachers. In PE some of the fitness stations were challenging, like the jump rope. For hockey she had a stick and could hit the puck. At recess it was tricky to play games, but we played farmer Sam at recess. Melody enjoyed playing Farmer Sam with the 4th graders. Melody learned about fractions, decimals and percents during Math. We went to the library and read to her. Melody made us feel happy and we enjoyed spending time with her!
We learned about the challenges of being in a wheelchair in snowy mountains. Our playground is very snow covered in the winter but we were able to play on the hardtop and kids liked including Melody.

Melody in Schererville, Indiana

Mrs. Osika's Class
Forest Ridge Academy
United States
Schererville, Indiana
(Melody #029B0114)
We had a fabulous visit with Melody! Unfortunately, it was IOWA testing week for us, but we managed to find some fun for her. When she arrived on Friday, we happened to have a birthday celebration scheduled for Alexandra, so Melody had her very first experience at Jak’s Warehouse, a super fun play place with go-carts, laser tag, video games, and mini-golf. Could there be a better start for her visit with us? Melody did participate in the IOWA testing, but she also helped us wind up our unit on Egypt as she assisted Mia with a book about Egyptian Gods. She also took part in a discussion of Egyptian Pharaohs. The class created life-sized sarcophagi that we used as we introduced each pharaoh to the class. She also assisted in getting our next unit on space “off the ground.” She helped Danny out by showing off his patch design that we will use to create a bag that we will take along with us to Space Camp. This will provide us a VERY cool way to carry around our belongings. Fifth grade also has a performance coming up, so we put Melody to work! She assisted Reuben with his composition for the song he is writing about Colonial America, a unit we studied at the beginning of our year together.
We learned that Melody's limitations were few in our environment.

May 6, 2014

Melody in Hendersonville,NC, North Carolina

United States
Hendersonville,NC, North Carolina
(Melody #024B0114)
amazing we just finished playing SOCCER and celebrating a friends birthday
lots we had to do everything with her and act like she a real person

Melody in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

Mrs. Toebe's 5th Grade
Johnson Creek Elementary
United States
Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
(Melody #034B0114)
Melody wasn't able to carry her tray put mayonnaise or any other topping on her food, and she couldn't even play cards with Mrs. O'neill. During math she wouldn’t be able to write but she could type. In read aloud she wouldn’t be able to draw, or even ask a question. At recess the only things she could do was go down a slide, play on the swings, and play baseball. But in baseball the only thing she could do was wheel all the way around the bases, she couldn't bat (throw the ball) and she couldn't catch. (student response) Me and Melody went to the dells. We had a good time together. Melody did not like the hot wings that I had so she had to just have some chicken. we went to the go carts and she was driving the go cart. A lot of people knew who melody was. So I think they had melody too. We went back to the room and got ready to go to a restaurant and I had hot wing and melody had nothing. It was very hard to feed her. Then we went to a couple stores in. (Student response)
With Melody we we’re playing with ball Melody she a great time. At lunch since she could not hold a try I held it for her. It was hard, because everybody kept taking her from me. When we playing with the ball Sam ott Howie, and Carter were giving her a great time. When we were in math. She was helping me since she is good at math. When we were playing tag since she can’t walk I would push her around. And she would have fun when I did that. She really enjoyed math, because she was helping out a mainly everybody in the class. In overall she had great time and for the rest of the people how get her should have a great time with Melody because she fun to play with and a good partner to work with if you need help with math because she helped me out alot. Everybody kept asking who she was and why I had her I said, ‘She’s Melody And she’s a nice person to have by your said.

May 2, 2014

Melody in New Lenox, Illinois

Mrs. Morgan's 6th Grade
Caroline Bentley School
United States
New Lenox, Illinois
(Melody #005A1113)
Melody visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois with us.
We learned about the science of storms, about the five tastes, and about digestion.