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December 22, 2013

Ms Hampson's 4th Grade Class
White Rock Elementary
United States
Pineville, Mo
(Melody #002A1113)

On Sunday, Melody visited Tarpon Springs, Florida. We ate lunch at Hella's Restaurant, picked up some delicious pastries at the bakery, and then walked along the sponge docks.  We saw huge fishing boats, and smaller sponge boats.  Everyone was speaking a different language: Greek!

According to the Tarpon Springs Area Historical Society, Tarpon Springs was originally settled in the 1870's.  In 1873, a turtle fisherman accidentally discovered sponges at the mouth of the Anclote River, and this began the sponge industry in Tarpon Springs. In 1905, John Corcoris brought 500 Greek divers to the area to harvest the sponges to sell, and the Greek culture transformed Tarpon Springs.  Now many tourists come to the food, tradition, and culture of these Greek immigrants.

December 20, 2013

White Rock Elementary
Grade 4
United States
Pineville, Missouri
(Melody #002A1113)

Melody finally got got to take her first plane ride.  She even got to visit the cockpit and meet the pilots! They use a computer, like Elvira, to communicate with the people on the ground.

We learned that passengers in wheelchairs get to board the plane first.  The flight attendants help them to their seats and then put their wheelchairs away.  After they are settled in, the rest of the passengers board the plane.