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April 29, 2014

Melody in Palatine, Illinois

Ms. Masellis' 4th Grade Class
Jane Addams Elementary School
United States
Palatine, Illinois
(Melody #010A1113)
Melody is experiencing so much during her time at Jane Addams. She is helping us to prepare for our Open House on Thursday. "Heart maps" are one specific activity that children are completing. These maps illustrate our passions both in and out of the classrooms. Melody also is assisting in the installation of our school mural. Professional artists from Chicago arrived yesterday to begin mosaic work with our students. We will unite together to embrace the diversity in our school and community. Although weather conditions were stormy, she got a glimpse of what children will be working on.
During her visit, we revisited the "lessons" that we learned when reading this book in the fall. In our classroom chats each morning, we reflected on possible Claire and Molly behavior that could be occurring in these final school months and worked together to ensure we stay kind. Student's will blog about their week with Melody as well.

Melody in New Lenox, Illinois

Mrs. Morgan's Class
Caroline Bentley
United States
New Lenox, Illinois
(Melody #005A1113)
Melody went with Mrs. Morgan's class and all of Caroline Bentley School to see Disney Nature's Bears movie at the AMC Theater in New Lenox, Illinois.
Disney Nature’s True Life Adventure “Bears” showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life’s most important lessons.

April 26, 2014

Melody in Skokie, Illinois

Ms. Griffin's 5th Grade
Dr. Bessie Rhodes Magnet School
United States
Skokie, Illinois
(Melody #007A1113)
Melody enjoyed our daily routine of reading, writing, math, social studies/science, gym and a "special." She was surprised that we study Mandarin once a week as one of our specials. Her favorite activity during her visit to our school was an assembly featuring a ragtime pianist... his talents had us all bouncing in our seats. Melody also got to visit downtown Chicago to see our beautiful Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago. It was tricky riding the El, but not impossible thanks to a station with an elevator and a train car with a designated space for wheelchairs.
We learned that our school and homes would have to be modified for Melody to have access. Our classroom is on the second floor of a building without elevators. Our playground is covered with wood chips. Our very snowy winter would have been not only unpleasant for Melody, but also likely dangerous. Her visit increased our awareness of the obstacles differently-abled people have to manage every single day.

April 25, 2014

Melody in East Granby, Connecticut

Mrs. Iwanicki's Class
Seymour School
United States
East Granby, Connecticut
(Melody #024B0114)
Melody came while we were on vacation. Today we tried to spend all the time with her we could so that we could send her to North Carolina. Melody was able to listen to our new read aloud Percy Jackson. She took a math test with us and helped us write letters to our new friends in North Carolina. She went out to recess and lunch. She also participated in Reading Workshop with us.
It was so much fun to find all of the places that she has visited. We looked on the map. Having Melody in class reminded us of when we read it aloud in the fall. It was great to relive those memories.

Melody in East Granby, Connecticut

Mrs. Iwanicki's Class
Seymour School
United States
East Granby, Connecticut
(Melody #024B0114)
Melody is attending classes. She is learning about Greek Mythology.She took a test in math today.
We learned map skills by looking at the places she has been and where she will go.

April 24, 2014

Melody in Tulsa, Oklahoma

United States
Tulsa, Oklahoma
(Melody #040B0114)
Melody went with Kyra and Ayla to a dance competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We arrived Friday night and stayed in a hotel. Melody rode in the elevator with us. The hotel had a pool, and we got to take Melody swimming with us because the pool was wheelchair accessible. We also took Melody to the Hard Rock Casino where we looked at all the cool memorabilia. The dance competition was at our hotel, so we didn't have to drive around Tulsa!
We learned that some pools are wheelchair accessible, but Melody certainly couldn't take her electric wheelchair in the pool; she would have to bring her old one to put in the pool. We also learned that Melody can get as crazy and out of control as we can in a hotel!

Melody in Tokyo, Japan

5th Grade at St. Mary's
St. Mary's International School
(Melody #031B0114)
St. Mary’s was very excited by Melody’s visit to the 5th grade. She was able to ice skate in a special chair in Yokohama and even got to go to Odaiba to Joypolis for a birthday party. 
The 5th grade classes thought about the challenges Melody would face getting into the bus, going into the ice rink and even getting on rides and going around our school. We think she had a lot of fun with the St. Mary’s boys.

April 22, 2014

Melody in Topsfield, Massachusetts

Proctor School Grades 4-6
Proctor School
United States
Topsfield, Massachusetts
(Melody #028B0114)
Melody spent her time visiting students in grades 4, 5, and 6. She was introduced as a new member of the class. Students welcomed her and included her in all events. Melody took part in all specials and events. We even had a Skype visit with Ms Hampson's Fourth Grade Class.
Melody taught us how to be more aware of our surroundings. We had to think, "How would Melody be able to do that?"

April 18, 2014

Melody in Nutley, New Jersey

Mrs. J. Cunningham's 4C Class
Lincoln School
United States
Nutley, New Jersey
(Melody #012A1113)
The students in 4C posed for a picture with Melody outside of Lincoln School before they sent her off to Illinois. They send her off with some loom bracelets and a scarf to remember the cold weather she experienced in New Jersey.
Mrs. Cunningham's class discussed the difficulties Melody would have had getting around Lincoln School. The video they made gave Melody a look at the whole school. Mrs. Cunningham's class created videos showing connections with books they read to Melody's story. Check them out on the webpage below.

April 16, 2014

Melody in Hartland, Wisconsin

Mrs. Nelson's 5th grade class
Swallow School
United States
Hartland, Wisconsin
(Melody #018B0114)
Melody has joined our fifth grade class studying the Revolutionary War. She is joining our patriots during recess, Spanish class, art, phy. ed., music, band, choir and all of the core curriculum. Unfortunately, she had a hard time rollerblading in gym class, but we think she enjoyed being pushed by us in our rollerblades. She loved coming with our students to Family Art night. She experienced seeing a lot of our students' talents. She especially liked our musical performances.
One thing we learned by having Melody at school, is she faces many challenges that most do not. She would have a hard time navigating parts of our building, and we found our classroom would need some modifications. Our class reflected on the every day challenges that Melody faced and had some great discussion about this.

April 14, 2014

Melody in Norwood, Massachusetts

Cleveland Group
F.A. Cleveland
United States
Norwood, Massachusetts
(Melody #005A1113)
Melody has been attending classes in both the fourth and fifth grade. She had a chance to participate in Readers and Writers Workshop. Melody also joined our school's first annual Fourth Grade Spelling Bee…where she aced the words. Melody visited the homes of several students.
Our students were given the opportunity to think about the challenges faced by Melody. At first, they did not consider the daily obstacles that must be overcome in terms of Melody communicating as well as navigating around the school, traveling, and visiting their homes. By having Melody, students had their awareness raised. It was a learning experience.

Melody in Lakewood, Colorado

Mrs. Hickey's Class
Green Mountain Elementary
United States
Lakewood, Colorado
(Melody #034B0114)
Melody spent the days testing with us and then joined in small group work. She went home for the evening with different students.
We learned the challenges of being in a wheelchair and not being able to easily speak with our classmates.

Melody in Hinckley, Ohio

Mrs. Kosta-Stalder & Mrs. Boggs
United States
Hinckley, Ohio
(Melody #016B0114)
We were so anxious waiting for Melody to visit our school; we were honored to have her be a part of our school! We had the opportunity to take Melody on many spring break adventures. Melody visited: Disney World in Florida, COSI in Columbus, Ohio, The Cleveland Zoo, many birthday parties, She saw Wicked on Broadway in New York, Harry London Chocolate Factory, had many sleepovers, The Cleveland Aquarium, a first communion celebration and even saw a gymnastics competition. As you can see Melody was extremely busy over our break.
When at school Melody went to all our classes with us. We have some ramps for her wheelchair but she could not get to our second floor or to our 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Melody visited gym, art, and music with our class. Melody even got to spend some time with one of our 5th grade classrooms. Melody made many new friends at lunch and recess with all the 4th graders at Hinckley. We were thrilled to have Melody visit with us and we are looking forward to seeing what she does next.

April 12, 2014

Melody in Calgary, Canada

Ms. Petley's Gr. 4 Class
(Melody #035B0114)
After reading Out of My Mind, my students were thrilled to have Melody join our classroom for a week. She was included in all of our classes and activities. She went to art, gym, music, and even Spanish class! She was invited to play with a variety of students at recess times, was helped in the washroom by a couple of girls, and enjoyed lunch with her new found friends. Melody was also lucky enough to come on a field trip to Aggie Days, where she learned all about farming in Alberta.
Having Melody is our classroom encouraged students to continue to practice kindness to all. Through Rachel's challenge, they provided others with links to describe how they saw others being kind to Melody. Additionally, student became aware of some of the challenges of being in an wheelchair. We're lucky enough to have ramps throughout our school, however accessing the hill to the playground was difficult, as only a staircase and hill are there. It took several students to help Melody up! The most important lesson that students learned from Melody was not to judge people by how they look, or the difficulties they have, as each person is unique and can offer something amazing to our world and to others!

April 9, 2014

Melody in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Mr. Thiery's Reading Group
Ben Franklin Elementary
United States
Grand Forks, North Dakota
(Melody #037B0114)
Melody is experiencing a fun time at Ben Franklin with lots and lots of snow! She has been around the school and visited the music teacher, speech teacher, special needs teacher, and also a very special student named Ryan, who has a disability like Melody.
We learned that it's very important to be wheelchair accessible for students in them. We think a wheelchair would fit through the doors (we don't have one to test on, though), and we're all on one level, so there isn't a need for any ramps. We have students with disabilities, and it's very important to treat them like everyone else, and we do. :)

April 8, 2014

Melody in Ellsworth, Kansas

Mrs. Rathbun's 7th Grade Class
Ellsworth Junior Senior High
United States
Ellsworth, Kansas
(Melody #020B0114)
After visiting school, Melody toured the old jail where Wyatt Earp was once sheriff, a cave where pioneers once lived, Fort Harker, and Mushroom State Park.
Ellsworth has an interesting history and Kansas is a beautiful, exciting place to visit.

April 3, 2014

Melody in Mondamin, Iowa

Felton's Fantastic Five's
West Harrison
United States
Mondamin, Iowa
(Melody #029B0114)
Melody experienced life as a fifth grader in our classroom. She went everywhere with us, like the lunch room and she lifted some weights in the weight room!
It is important to not forget how much others matter in your life.

April 2, 2014

Melody in Nutley, New Jersey

Grade 4 Mrs. Cunningham
Lincoln School
United States
Nutley, New Jersey
(Melody #012A1113)
She is exploring our school.
We are learning more from her each day.

April 1, 2014

Melody in Topsfield, Massachusetts

Ms. Mehlin's Fourth Grade
Proctor School
United States
Topsfield, Massachusetts
(Melody #028B0114)
Melody is spending the day with us here at Proctor School and enjoying every moment! She helped us start a discussion about whether or not someone in a wheelchair could easily navigate our classroom. Then she worked with us during social studies, offering lots of great information for our unit on the Midwest!
We learned that if we had someone in a wheelchair in our classroom, we would definitely need to move some furniture around. We also talked about how the elevator in our building was probably installed to help people just like Melody!