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May 30, 2014

Melody in Byron, Minnesota

Mrs. Aslakson's Class
Byron Middle School
United States
Byron, Minnesota
(Melody #052B0414)
Melody came to school at the end of our school year so the schedules were a little different. Melody joined our language arts class in the morning. It was a fun day since the upcoming students from the elementary school were over visiting and meeting their new teachers. We had many classes stop by to visit our room.
We learned about how Melody would feel at our school. We do not have anyone currently in our school that uses a wheelchair, but we have had many students on crutches. Our school is quite accessible since it is all on one floor. There are no stairs in our building, unless you need to get to the extra old locker rooms. Our classroom would be very accessible, if everyone made sure to push in their chairs. We have tables in places of desks. We measured the doors to make sure they were wide enough. The cafeteria could be hard for Melody because the lunch line is very crowded and has lots of turns. The tables are attached to benches, so she would have to sit at the end of a table. She might get bumped into since it can get busy in the aisles.

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