Instructions for Melody's Travel Journal

Before Melody's visit with you ends, fill out the Travel Log Form, and upload a photo of her visit. You will need the unique code on the back of your Melody to complete this form. Your travel log entry will create a blog post on Melody’s Travel Journal, so be sure you only include information you wish others to view publicly. Use this opportunity to connect with other participants on the blog by adding your twitter handle, or blog/website URL to your travel journal post. You may also want to link to any historical sites Melody visited to help others learn about your area. You can fill out this form more than once.

August 28, 2014

Melody in Castle Rock, Colorado

Ms. Schuster
Soaring Hawk Elementary
United States
Castle Rock, Colorado
(Melody #028B0114)
Melody arrived over the summer, so she didn't get to spend any time with our class. I think she planned too many locations on her trip. Doesn't that always happen? :)
I wish my class could have shared this experience.

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